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Medical bill payment look-up

Here you can view bills and adjustments processed by the managed care organization (MCO) and/or BWC. Medical providers are paid the lesser of the billed amount, BWC fee schedule or the MCO panel amount, if you are on the MCO's provider panel.

How to view bills online
All providers who have created an e-account (user ID and password) on this website may view basic medical billing information for all bills associated with their valid 11-digit BWC provider number.

To view medical bill information, you will need the following:

  • An e-account;
  • BWC provider number;
  • Specific date-of-service range to limit your search (maximum range is 90 days);
  • Search type, medical or prescription.

What you can view online
You can search for bills in 90-day increments based on date of service (DOS). Searches will return bills processed within two years of the current date. You will see no more than 10 records at a time. If your search has more than 10 bills, you will see the number of bills in the record table.

Here is the information you can view for each bill.
Note: * indicates not available for prescription bill type.

  • Claim number — The BWC-assigned claim number identifies the injured worker.
  • Injured worker name — The injured worker's first and last name appear as they are recorded on BWC's claims system.
  • Servicing provider name — This is the name of the provider who performed the service or treatment.
  • Date of service (DOS) — This is the date that an injured worker received services. The displayed date is the first date listed on the submitted bill.
  • Billed amount — This is the sum of all charges billed by the provider.
  • Paid amount — This is the sum of all allowed and reimbursed charges.
  • Adjustment indicator — A check mark indicates that a bill has been adjusted.
  • Pay-to provider name — This is the name of the provider receiving the actual payment for billed services or treatment.
  • BWC invoice number — This unique number identifies an individual bill.
  • Funds release date — This is the date that BWC released funds to a provider, an MCO or an injured worker (in the case of travel reimbursement).
  • *EFT number — A payment number given to each electronic funds transfer (EFT), which is an electronic method of issuing reimbursement. BWC uses this eight-digit number for tracking purposes and to respond to inquiries from MCOs.
  • Bill status — This states the current status of a specific bill (i.e., paid, denied, reversed, adjusted or in-process).
  • Adjusted bill — A yes/no description indicates if a bill has been adjusted.
  • *MCO name — The name of the injured worker's managed care organization.
  • *MCO phone number — This is the MCO's toll-free telephone number. If there is no phone number displayed, you can look it up in the MCO Directory, Employer/MCO look-up, or call 1-800-644-6292.
  • *MCO number — This five-digit number identifies the injured worker's MCO.
  • Remit number — The number that identifies the detailed list of medical bills that have been paid or denied to a provider or injured worker. This list accompanies the check sent to the provider or injured worker. This data is only available if prescription is the bill type.