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OhioBWC - Worker - Service:  Claim certification

Claim certification

Employers, representatives and their designees can certify or reject a claim that's in a new, pending or allowed appeal status online. When you certify a claim, it means you agree the facts reported in the claim are correct and valid to the best of your knowledge.
Certification does not mean BWC will automatically allow the claim, just as rejection does not mean BWC will deny the claim. BWC will conduct an investigation to determine whether to allow or deny the claim, regardless of the employer certification. However, if you certify the claim, the injured worker can receive benefits immediately after we issue the allowance order. If the injured worker is due compensation payments, we will not wait on the appeal period.
If you reject the claim, BWC will still issue an order; however, we will not pay medical or compensation benefits until the appeal period has expired.
When certifying or rejecting a claim, you must choose one of the following:
  • Full certification for compensation and medical benefits - Indicates the employer agrees with the facts set forth and does not object to the payment of medical bills or compensation as a result of the injury;
  • Clarification certification - Indicates the self-insuring employer partially agrees with the facts set forth. Employers who choose clarification certification can enter an explanation for the conditions they want to certify in the text box provided for the conditions they are allowing;
  • Full certification for medical benefits only - Indicates the employer agrees with the facts set forth and does not object to the payment of medical bills as a result of the injury, but has not agreed to the payment of compensation;
  • Rejection - Indicates the employer does not agree with the facts set forth and objects to the payment of compensation or medical benefits as a result of the injury. If a self-insuring employer rejects the claim, BWC will send the claim to the Ohio Industrial Commission for a decision.
If you have any additional questions about claim certification, contact your claims service specialist.
If you know the claim number you wish to certify or reject, click here to access Claim certification.