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Injured worker publications descriptions

CD-40 Workers' Compensation Insurance Guide for Self-Insuring Employers and their Employees
This booklet provides an overview of Ohio's workers' compensation system for self-insuring businesses, including everything from renewing self-insurance to reporting claims.

CD-105 Self-Insurance
Provides employees of self-insuring employers the information they need to deal with a work-related injury.

CD-113 Conducting E-Business
Provides all BWC customers an overview of our e-business Web site and step-by-step instructions for accessing some of the commonly used online services.

Catastrophic Nurse Advocates
Provides information about our team of nurses solely responsible for linking the managed care organization with BWC to better serve the catastrophically injured worker.

OMBUDS The OMBUDS Office Can Help
Learn when it's time to turn to the Ombudsperson and how to reach that department.

SVIU Investigating Violations of Specific Safety Requirements
Provides a definition for a violation of a specific safety requirement (VSSR), outlines the process for filing a VSSR claim and provides BWC contact information for VSSR issues.

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