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Provider Services

Managed care info
Diagnosis determination
BWC is working with the medical community.

Guidelines for diagnosis determination.
MCO directory
ICDs for Ohio workers' comp
Listing of all BWC-certified MCOs.

Outlines specific requirements for ICDs in Ohio workers' comp as compared to the health-care industry.
Prior authorization requirements
Standardized prior authorization and presumptive approval guidelines.
Provider tasks and timelines
Electronic billing
Task and timeline chart.

Provider EDI implementation guide downloads

BWC Certification, Re-certification and Provider Record Maintenance
Lifting guidelines

Interactive service that allows you to enter specific criteria to help you develop realistic recommendations for lifting guidelines.
Outpatient medication prior authorization requirements
Medical position papers
Program information and list of drug classes for outpatient medication prior authorization program. Download and print position papers on a variety of topics written by BWC's medical director.
Group/Individual provider relationship admin
Pharmacy benefits program
POR provider types with e-accounts have the ability to delegate or revoke their e-account privileges to a group provider type. Learn more about BWC's two outpatient medication prior authorization programs to ensure we reimburse only for medications related to workplace injuries and provide preferred drugs to injured workers.
DEP evaluators manual
View a copy of BWC's disability evaluators manual.