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Workers' compensation medication rules

Payment for Outpatient Medication (4123-6-21)
OAC 4123-6-21 contains rules for the outpatient medication program and applies to BWC state-fund, black lung and marine industrial fund claims.

Payment for Outpatient Medication for Self-Insured Employers (4123-6-21.1)
OAC 4123-6-21.1 contains rules used by self-insuring employers for their medication program for self-insured claims.

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee (4123-6-21.2)
OAC 4123-6-21.2 contains rules establishing the P&T Committee as a stand-alone committee.

Outpatient Medication Formulary Rule (4123-6-21.3)
OAC 4123-6-21.3 contains the rule establishing an outpatient medication formulary.

You can find the above rules here.