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Medical provider publications descriptions

CD-113 Conducting E-Business
Provides all BWC customers an overview of our e-business Web site and step-by-step instructions for accessing some of the commonly used online services.

Catastrophic Nurse Advocates
Provides information about our team of nurses solely responsible for linking the managed care organization with BWC to better serve the catastrophically injured worker.

ICD9G ICD-9 Groups
A listing of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) codes medical providers can use for allowance and reimbursement purposes.

ICD 9-I ICD-9 Invalid Codes
A listing of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) codes BWC will not accept from medical providers for allowance and reimbursement purposes.

MCOD MCO Directory
Lists contact information for all BWC-certified MCOs, including a toll-free general information number, address and fax numbers for the submission of medical information, and telephone and fax numbers for the reporting of an injury, and for billing.

MCORC-3 MCO Report Card
Evaluates the performance of the MCOs based on criteria such as quality health-care services, timeliness of service and customer satisfaction.

MPRG CH-4 The Role of Vocational Rehabilitation in Ohio Workers' Compensation
Chapter 4 of the MCO Policy Reference Guide, this document provides guidelines for the provision of surplus-funded vocational rehabilitation to eligible injured workers.

OMBUDS The OMBUDS Office Can Help
Learn when it's time to turn to the Ombudsperson and how to reach that department.

PUPDT BWC Provider Update
This quarterly newsletter provides any updates/changes to processes, procedures, systems or personnel that affect the medical provider community. To view and download the latest issue, go to the Medical provider publications page under BWC Library.