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February 2014 Employee of the Month


Meet Account Examiner II David February Employee of the Month

Customers often don't know what to expect when they walk through the doors of a BWC customer service office for the first time. Though we work hard to make it otherwise, the initial paperwork alone can make first impressions with us overwhelming.

Luckily, we have folks like David of the Canton Customer Service Office. As an account examiner II, he's often the first human contact an employer has with BWC, whether they visit the office or contact us via phone. It's a role this 21-year BWC employee takes seriously, and it's why he’s been named our February Employee of the Month (EOM).

"His enthusiasm and sincerity come through every hour of every day," said his nominator, Employer Services Specialist Andrew. "It's obvious he realizes he doesn't just work for BWC, he works with our customers. He actively listens to our customers and treats them like a partner rather than an adversary. With an easygoing smile, he works like heck to make it easy for the customer to conduct business with us."

David said he was "definitely shocked" to win the EOM honor. "It's a really good feeling that one of my colleagues feels that I deserve being nominated," he added.

His day to day tasks include answering phone calls from customers, as well as potential customers. He also performs policy processing tasks, signs customers up for coverage and receives payments from already established customers. Andrew said that David does all these jobs so well – and his area runs so smoothly - that he often goes unnoticed.

"But he is one of the most important cogs in this big machine we call BWC," said Andrew.

David plays many key BWC roles - roles that are often behind the scenes. As a Learning Center administrator, he registers employers and physically sets up classrooms for OCOSH classes; and he coordinates with OCOSH to ensure resources are available for students.

"Without his efforts, these classes would not run as smoothly as they do," said Andrew. "This is in addition to processing payroll reports and assisting employers who apply for new coverage. He takes the time with our new customers to make sure they understand how BWC works and answers their questions."

With the rollout of PowerSuite, aka The Core Project, and BWC's change to prospective billing in 2015, David will be a key part of communications with the employer community.

"Through all these demanding roles, he maintains a positive, forward-thinking attitude," said Andrew. "The phrase, ‘That's not my job’ is not a part of his vocabulary. His attitude is contagious."

For David, providing good customer service is simple and to the point. "I feel it is pretty easy to provide good customer service,” he said. "It sometimes takes a little extra effort. Listen to the customer and find out the answers to their questions. I think it’s what we all really want."