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More Infomation

Most of our online courses do not bookmark your progress, so you have to complete course in one continuous open session. If you exit a course and then return later, you will most likely have to start from the beginning.

When taking assessments within some of our online courses, be aware that questions sometimes have more than one answer. Please pay attention to whether a question is asking for the “best answer” or “all that apply” and select the correct answer(s) depending on nature of question.

Online courses are a great benefit for many of our customers. This allows many to learn in the convenience of their home or office. However, a base level of technical competency along with proper system compatibility is required for online course navigation. This browser check should help many of you fix (or at least be aware) of system compatibility issues.

No matter how you choose to obtain your safety and health education from our agency, we always strive to make your learning event a pleasant experience, whether it is for a program requirement or ongoing education.

We cannot guarantee that there aren’t other things that may be interfering with the course’s ability to run. These recommendations came from the vendors who created the courses and should solve the problem in most situations.

Finally, taking the course on another machine may also work.

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