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Employer/MCO look-up
Message board
Look up specific information about an employer, including policy status and managed care organization, either by company name or policy number.

Get the latest information on new functionality, administrator announcements and navigation tips here.

Prospective billing
Destination: Excellence
This page includes information and resources regarding BWC's upcoming switch to a prospective billing system.

Learn more about this portfolio of our programs that can help your organization improve workplace safety, enhance injured worker care and save money on workers' compensation costs.

Info for oil & gas employers
MIRA II information
Oil and gas industry employers new to Ohio can find information and resources on this page.

This page includes information and resources regarding the MIRA II claims reserving system.

MCO Directory
MCO selection form
Lists contact information for reporting claims, submitting medical information and medical billing.

State-fund employers or their representatives can select their managed care organization here.

Successorship liability
Explains the workers' compensation implications when a business purchases another business.