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Policy period transaction history
This service offering allows employers to query their account by policy period back to 1990.

A transaction is part of the financial activity associated with an employer's policy. It can be a debit or a credit. Payroll current and Rate adjustment are examples of transactions you may see in Policy period transaction history. When querying by policy period, there are three categories of transactions that state-fund employers can view.

  • Payroll transactions - Current payroll, Non-current payroll, Audit, Payroll adjustments, Estimated payroll, Estimated elective payroll, Minimum administrative cost, Black-lung minimum premium, Early payment discounts and penalties
  • Rate transactions - Rate adjustments and Retrospective rate adjustments
  • Retrospective transactions - Retrospective minimum premium, Retrospective loss billing and retrospective adjustment

Click here to view accounts receivable information by policy period.

Recent business transactions may not be posted to the system. Should you have questions about a particular transaction that does not appear here, call 1-800-644-6292, and follow the options.