OhioBWC - Employer - Service: (Accounts receivable) - State-fund accounts receivable transaction history

Accounts receivable view by transaction type

A transaction is part of the financial activity associated with an employer's policy. A transaction may be a debit or a credit. Payroll current and Rate adjustment are examples of transactions you may view in your Accounts receivable transaction history.

There are seven general transaction categories listed below. You can view transactions that pertain to your account from a drop-down menu. When you select one of these types, and enter a date range, you can view transaction data from Nov. 10, 1996, to the present.

  • Payroll transactions - Current payroll, Non-current payroll, Audit, Payroll adjustments, Estimated payroll, Underreported supplemental payroll, Minimum administrative cost, Black-lung minimum premium, Early payment discounts and penalties
  • Claim transactions - Claim information, payment amounts and dates for each of the following claim types: non-compliance, violation of a specific safety requirement and Disabled Workers' Relief Fund
  • Rate transactions - Rate adjustments and Retrospective rate adjustments
  • Security deposit and Security fund transactions - Initial security deposit, Security deposit adjustments, Credit security deposit, Annual security deposit evaluation, Security deposit combine and Premium payment security fund
  • Retrospective transactions - Retrospective minimum premium, Retrospective loss billing and retrospective adjustment
  • Payment/Refund transactions - Payments, Attorney General payments, Dishonored checks, Refunds, Refund void and Attorney General interest
  • Miscellaneous transactions - Lump sum settlement, State-fund buy out, Interest, Small balance, PES claims, Dividend adjustments, Rebates, Balance Forward (From before Nov. 10, 1996) and Adjustments
  • FlexPay Transactions - FlexPay payroll payment, FlexPay discount, FlexPay debit and FlexPay credit

Click here to view accounts receivable information by transaction type.

Recent business transactions may not yet be posted to the system. Should you have questions about a particular transaction that does not appear in the Accounts receivable transaction history, please call 1-800-644-6292, and follow the options.