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Accounts receivable view by transaction type

A transaction is part of the financial activity associated with an employer's policy. A transaction may be a debit or a credit.
There are five general transaction categories listed below. You can view the transactions that pertain to your account from a drop-down menu. When you select one of these types, and enter a date range, you'll be able to view transaction data from Nov. 10, 1996, to the present.

  • Claim transactions - Claim information, payment amounts and dates for each of the following claim types: non-compliance, violation of a specific safety requirement and Disabled Workers' Relief Fund
  • Retrospective transactions - 1996, 1997 and 1998 retro premium adjustments.
  • Payment/Refund transactions - Payments, Attorney General payments, Dishonored checks, Refunds, Refund void, Attorney General interest and Rebate refund
  • Miscellaneous transactions - Application fee, Claims expense, Case management fee adjustment, Civil defense/Ohio National Guard claims, Ohio Turnpike claims, Ohio Turnpike warrant, Rebate, Rebate adjustment, Small balance debit/credit, Balance forward, Rebate and Rebate adjustment
  • Self-insured transactions - Assessments and Assessment adjustments, Guaranty fund and Guaranty fund adjustments

Click here to view accounts receivable information by transaction type.

Recent business transactions may not yet be posted to the system. Should you have questions regarding a particular transaction which does not appear in the Accounts receivable transaction history, please call 1-800-644-6292, and follow the options.