PEO look-up

Listed below are the definitions for each registration status. They will help you better understand how to use the service offering.

Received - We have received the registration application and need to complete a final review. We have not approved or denied it at this time.

Approved - The PEO has supplied all documents and met all requirements pursuant to Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 4125.

Withdrawn - The PEO has either withdrawn its application to register as a PEO in Ohio or has decided not to register due to ceasing operation or a change in the nature of the business.

Pending denial - The PEO has submitted a registration application, and we've determined it does not meet all requirements as stated in ORC 4125. We've also contacted the PEO and made it aware of the current status. Upon resolution and/or re-submission of a corrected application we will re-evaluate. If the PEO fails to comply, we will place them in Denied status and take appropriate action.

Denied - The PEO either has or has not submitted a registration application, and has failed to meet the requirements of ORC 4125. We've contacted the PEO and given ample time to submit the required information. We will not recognize the PEO as compliant in Ohio, and all client employers will be contacted and agreements will be terminated.