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OhioBWC - Employer:  (Self-Insuring Employers Evaluation Board (SIEEB) Synopsis of Decisions)

SIEEB hearings - 2006 to present

Injured Worker, 13-804XXX v J.B. Hunt Transportation, 20003811-0, employer improperly paid compensation.

Injured Worker, 10-818XXX v Dollar General Corporation, 20004277-0, employer did not pay compensation timely and did not pay medical bills timely.

Injured Worker, 99-483XXX v The Timken Company, 20002967-0, employer did not provide claimant’s records timely when requested by injured workers representative.

Injured Worker, 11-813XXX v Columbus Distributing Company, 20004308-0, employer improperly denied temporary total compensation.

Injured Worker, L82XXX-22 v Ford Motor Company, 20002551-1, employer was not assisting injured worker in finding appropriate medical treatment.

Injured Worker, 10-865XXX v Mondelez International, Inc., 20002871-0, employer improperly denying C-9.

Injured Worker, 11-808XXX v Ball Corporation, 20003543-0, employer terminated temporary total disability compensation.

Injured Worker, 08-845XXX v OfficeMax, Incorporated, 20004101-0, employer improperly terminated vocational Rehab and Living Maintenance compensation.

Injured Worker, 07-813XXX v Tenneco Automotive Operating, Inc., 20003541-01, employer did not pay medical bills in a timely manner.

Injured Worker, 929XXX-22 v EMH Regional Medical Center, 20003364-0, employer did not pay medical bills.

Injured Worker, 07-834XXX v Bishop of Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, 20003507-0, the employer refused to pay temporary total disability ordered by the District Hearing Officer.

Injured Worker, 07-875XXX v AutoZone, Inc., 20004139-0, employer improperly delayed payment of settlement.

Injured Worker, 08-885XXX v Trinity Health Corp., 20003207-0, employer refused to make human resources and employee health records available to the injured worker.

Injured Worker, 07-846XXX v AutoZone, Inc., 20004139-0, the employer representative refused to pay a continuous period of temporary total compensation ordered by the District Hearing Officer.

Injured Worker, 02-814XXX v YUM! Brands, Inc., 20003970-0, employer did not release the settlement check in a timely manner.

Injured Worker, 04-381XXX v Danis Building Construction Company, 20005135-0, employer refused to pay temporary total disability compensation ordered by Staff Hearing Officer.

Injured Worker, 05-881XXX v Ford Motor Company, 20002551-13, employer failed to comply with District Hearing Officer and Staff Hearing Officer orders for permanent partial disability award.

Injured Worker, 981XXX-22 v Chrysler Group LLC, 20003890-12, employer improperly terminated payment of permanent total disability compensation.

Injured Worker, 07-850XXX v Ferguson Construction Company, 20004238-0, employer failed to honor the Staff Hearing Officer order.

Injured Worker, 05-816XXX v Federal Express Corporation, 20004238-0, employer failed to comply with the Staff Hearing Officer order.

Injured Worker, 06-847XXX v Wasserstrom Holdings, Inc., 20004264-0, employer delayed in responding to C-9 requests, denied request for Ambien, delays in returned phone calls, delay in vehicle modifications.

Injured Worker, 07-878XXX v Schottenstein Stores Corporation, 20003781-0, employer improperly terminated temporary total disability compensation and employment.

Injured Worker, 05-894XXX v P.H. Glatfelter Company, 20005474-0, employer refused to pay temporary total disability compensation.

Injured Worker, 03-887XXX v Kindred Healthcare Operating, Inc., 20005225-0, employer never implemented the reinstatement of the injured worker’s rehabilitation plan as ordered by the Industrial Commission of Ohio.

Injured Worker, 99-417XXX v Union Metals Corporation, 20005046-0, employer refused to pay doctor bills when the doctor was in the Qualified Health Plan.

Injured Worker, 892XXX-22 v Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., 20002934-0, employer failed to issue payment of a permanent partial disability award granted by the Staff Hearing Officer.

Injured Worker, 942XXX-22 v Smurfit Stone Container Enterprises, Inc., 20003190-2, employer harassed the widow-claimant repeatedly regarding her marital status and most recently about cohabitation in relation to possible termination of continued death benefits.

Injured Worker, 637XXX-22 v General Housewares Corporation, 20002985-1, employer entered into a settlement agreement and had not paid the settlement proceeds.

Injured Worker, L101XXX-22 v International Truck & Engine Corporation, 20000597-0, employer refused to timely pay a lump-sum advancement awarded by the District Hearing Officer.

Injured Worker, 01-817XXX v Radio Shack, 20003603-0, employer refused to pay for prescription medications received on Dec. 5, 2006, and Dec. 23, 2006, incorrectly stated that the claim was closed.

Injured Worker, L269XXX-22 v Wheeling Pittsburg Steel Corp., 20003830-0, employer improperly ceased payment of permanent total disability compensation.

Injured Worker, L746XX-22 v Ralston Purina Company, 20003719-3, employer failed to pay temporary total disability compensation timely as ordered by the District Hearing Officer.

Injured Worker, 01-868XXX v The Longaberger Company, 20003994-0, employer failed to timely provide her a complete copy of her medical records.

Injured Worker, 03-801XXX v Sealy Mattress Company, 20003818-0, employer did not respond to the injured worker’s request for vocational rehabilitation.

Injured Worker, 95-605XXX v Findlay Industries, 20003269-0, employer improperly terminated payment for all medical treatment.

Injured Worker, 05-880XXX v Chemed Corporation, 20004281-0, employer did not pay compensation in a timely manner and the injured worker received only one check.

Injured Worker, 03-816XXX v Ameritech Corporation, 20005184-0, temporary total disability compensation was delayed and paid at the incorrect rate.

Injured Worker, 98-545XXX v St. Ann’s Hospital, 20003694-0, employer refused to pay medical bills ordered by a Staff Hearing Officer on Oct. 30, 2003.

Injured Worker, 99-625XXX v Weyerhaeuser Company, 20002788-0, employer failed to provide copies of an independent medical examination report to the injured worker in a timely manner, which delayed payment of compensation.

Injured Worker, 98-460XXX v Gar Holdings, 20004057-0, employer did not provide copies of medical records to the injured worker as requested.

Injured Worker, 03-846XXX v Omnisource Corporation, 20005002-0, employer improperly terminated temporary total compensation without a hearing.

Injured Worker, 04-886XXX v Pretty Products, 20002828-0, employer refused to accept a MEDCO-14 by fax.