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Self-Insuring Employer Update

Self-insuring employers should visit this page regularly. Here you'll find the latest information about topics that impact your company's workers' compensation program.

Quarterly workshops
We invite all self-insuring employers and their authorized representatives to another round of workshops. These workshops will focus on relationships and interactions between medical providers and self-insured employers for the best interests of injured workers.

While we’re only holding these workshops in person, we are recording them and will make them accessible from our resources page. Here’s the schedule.

ICD-10 update
On Oct. 1, BWC, along with the rest of the nation, implemented the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10). This means Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant providers do not need to make special accommodations for their patients with a workers’ compensation claim resulting in uninterrupted services for your employees. Visit our ICD-10 implementation page for more details.

2017 assessments update
BWC evaluates the self-insured assessment rates annually to make sure there is a minimum balance, and to guarantee payments of claims against the various funds. We have listed the 2017 rates on our assessments page.

As a reminder, you can pay your assessments in several ways. Your options include:

  1. Online with a credit card or bank routing number;
  2. Mailing a check with your invoice (using regular mail) – send to the P.O. box listed on the invoice;
  3. Using overnight mail to send a check with your invoice? Send it to the address below.
Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
ATTN: Lockbox 89492
4910 Tiedeman Road
Cleveland, OH 44144

Is your information up to date?
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Please note: This updates your corporate contact only. If you need to update the Ohio Administrator contact for your policy, please send an email to siinq@bwc.state.oh.us

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