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Training Center locations and hours
This page provides all the information you need to attend a training class through our Division of Safety & Hygiene, including directions, nearby hotels and course listings for each location

Ergonomics Resources Guide for Various Industries
This guide provides industry-specific resources for improving ergonomics.

Ergonomics tools and resources
Included here are risk factor measurement and task analysis forms, a computer workstation set-up checklist and BWC's position papers on ergonomics-related issues.

Ergonomics Web sites
Web sites recommended by Division of Safety & Hygiene ergonomists.

Return-to-work lifting guidelines
Use these lifting guidelines to assess an injured worker’s readiness to return to work.

Safety program resources
Disaster preparedness and business continuance planning resources
Web sites to help you construct your disaster preparedness plan

Pandemic preparedness
Stresses the importance of developing an emergency recovery plan and provides the resources to help businesses get started.

Related links
Find occupational safety and health information on the Internet with this ever-expanding list of Web sites compiled by our librarians.

Safety management resources guide
This guide provides recommendations, links to safety management tools, lists of training classes and video resources

Safety program tools
Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (OSHA's Form 300)
Download the federal OSHA's Form 300 spreadsheet, and track your injuries and illnesses electronically. Microsoft Excel software is required. (Public employers in Ohio should not use this form. Instead, use PERRP's recordkeeping forms.)

Sample accident analysis report form
Download and customize this sample form to record the results of an accident analysis.

Sample OSHA program guides
These sample programs serve as a guide to help you develop your own programs.

Safety training
One-hour safety presentations
Training materials designed to help you make safety presentations to coworkers.

Safety talks
This feature replaces our annual Safety Leader's Discussion Guide. Now, you can search for safety talks by topic all year long.

Special interest
Protecting older workers
This section provides resources such as research papers, safety tips and online services focused on the needs of the older work force.

School tools
Provides resources, tools and templates that will help school districts maintain a safe and healthy environment.