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PERRP employee rights

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The Public Employment Risk Reduction Act (the Act) ensures a safe and healthful work environment for public employees by providing:

  • Public employees a right to refuse unsafe job assignments with a risk of death or serious physical harm (imminent danger);
  • Public employees a right to file a complaint about unsafe working conditions;
  • PERRP investigation of fatalities and multiple hospitalization incidents;
  • Discrimination (whistleblower) protection for employees exercising their rights under the Act.
The Act also requires public employers to display a "notice" to inform employees of their rights and responsibilities.

Filing a complaint about unsafe conditions in your workplace
Under Ohio law, public employees* who believe that a hazardous condition exists in their workplace that threatens physical harm, or creates an imminent danger, may file a complaint with PERRP requesting an inspection. If you think your job is unsafe and you want to ask for an inspection, contact us. It is confidential.

The law requires an employee or employee representative (i.e., certified labor organization) to submit a confidential written statement about the hazardous condition. PERRP provides a form that can be filled out and sent to the address on the form. The Act protects complainant confidentiality and PERRP will not reveal the name to the employer. Within seven days of the receipt of the complaint, PERRP will send a letter of notification to the public employer by certified mail, which outlines the allegations. This notification letter will not include the name(s) of the complainant(s).

The public employer must investigate, correct and respond to the allegations within 30 days. If the employer does not respond, or if PERRP determines the response is inadequate, an inspection of the workplace will result.

Two outcomes can result from a complaint inspection.

  1. PERRP determines there are no reasonable grounds to believe that a violation or danger exists and will notify the complainant.
  2. PERRP finds violations and issues citations to the employer that requires correction after an allotted time, or they may face fines.

*Note: Peace officers do not fall under PERRP's jurisdiction.


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PERRP Complaint Form (SH-6)

Contact a PERRP compliance officer

We assign compliance officers by county. To find yours, visit our PERRP compliance officers page.

If you have questions about your rights call us at 800-671-6858 or send us an email.