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PERRP compliance assistance services
PERRP provides a variety of specialized workplace safety and health services for Ohio's state, county and local government agencies, school districts, public colleges and universities. PERRP services promote safe workplaces and the prevention of injuries and illnesses by raising awareness of occupational safety and health hazards and risk factors.

PERRP is your partner in workplace safety and health risk reduction. We provide compliance assistance to public employers at no additional cost.

  • Voluntary compliance assistance inspections
  • Written safety program reviews
  • On-site safety training and presentations
  • Work-site surveys related to noise, chemical exposures, ventilation, biological and other health hazards
  • Industry-Specific Safety Program services
  • Safety Intervention Grants

Q: Why should I request a compliance assistance site or equipment evaluation?
A: Participation in voluntary facility and equipment inspections culminates in a detailed written report that:

  • Identifies hazardous conditions and their locations;
  • References adopted standards applicable to identified hazards;
  • Provide recommendations for corrective actions.

Q: Why should I have my safety programs and policies reviewed?
A: PERRP experts can help you make sure your programs and policies are in compliance with the law.

Q: Why should I request an industrial hygiene (IH) survey? A: An IH survey provides an analytical picture of the working environment. PERRP IH services include chemical exposure monitoring; area monitoring and personal sampling for noise exposures and indoor air quality surveys.

Q: Why should I train employees?
A: Many Ohio Employment Risk Reduction Standards that PERRP adopted for public employers to follow as well require training so that jobs can be performed in a safe manner. PERRP training provides public employees with information to help them recognize and avoid unsafe and unhealthy working conditions.

Contact a PERRP compliance officer
If you have questions, we're here to help. We've assigned our PERRP compliance officers by county, so you can contact directly the one assigned to your area. To find the compliance officers assigned to your county, visit our PERRP compliance officers page.

Safety Partnership Agreement (SPA) program
The PERRP SPA program is open to all public employers that meet the participation requirements. The program recognizes public employers that have exemplary safety and health programs. Program participants are encouraged to serve as occupational safety and health mentors for other public employers. SPA participants are excluded from PERRP general schedule inspections.

The basic program participation requirements are:

  • The public employer has an active workers' compensation policy and is current with respect to all payments due to the bureau;
  • The public employer has an injury and illness history less than the aggregate incidence rate for all Ohio public employment sectors;
  • The public employer must establish and maintain a safety committee;
  • The public employer must not have any open, unresolved, or outstanding PERRP enforcement actions;
  • The public employer must agree to comprehensive employment risk reduction inspections.

If you're interested in learning more about this new program email PERRP SPA.


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If you have questions about any PERRP occupational safety and health activities or adopted standards, our staff is ready to assist you. You can contact us by mail, phone, fax and email.

Ohio Public Employment Risk Reduction Program (PERRP)
13430 Yarmouth Drive
Pickerington, OH 43147
Phone: 1-800-671-6858
Fax: 614-621-5754
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