OhioBWC - Employer:  (Safety and Hygiene Consulting Services)

Safety, ergonomics and industrial hygiene consulting services

BWC's safety, industrial hygiene and ergonomics specialists can visit your workplace or consult with you by telephone and/or email to assist your business in the development of effective injury and illness prevention strategies. BWC provides all of its consultative services at no additional cost.

Industrial safety consultation - Assessments and advice related to machine guarding, electrical safety, lockout/tagout, powered industrial trucks, cranes and hoists, welding, slips/trips/falls and other workplace hazards.

Construction safety consultation - Assessments and advice related to trenching/excavation, scaffolding, crane safety, fall protection, electrical safety, tools and equipment, vehicular traffic and other jobsite hazards.

Ergonomics consultation - Assessments and advice related to manual material handling, lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying tasks, repetitive hand-intensive work, sedentary work, awkward work postures and other physical stressors.

Industrial hygiene consultation - Assessments of airborne contaminants, noise levels, hearing protection programs, respiratory protection programs and thermal stress along with advice on how to reduce employee exposures.

Our consultants also can assist you with understanding the eligibility requirements and application for Safety Intervention Grants (SIG). The SIG program is designed to assist businesses with the purchase of tools and equipment that significantly reduce or eliminate hazards and/or exposure to hazards.

Other services our consultants can provide include:

  • Safety management assessments and advice;
  • Safety, industrial hygiene and ergonomics training development;
  • Safety and health program development and documentation assistance;
  • Safety culture assessment and behavior change process assistance;
  • Safety team/committee development and enhancement.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources you need to address the unique hazards in your workplace and keep your employees safe and healthy. If you are an Ohio employer, you can take advantage of injury prevention services by requesting them online or contacting your local customer service office for assistance.

We also offer specialized safety and health compliance assistance services for public (government) employers through the Public Employment Risk Reduction Program and for small to medium employers in high hazard industries through the OSHA On-Site Consultation Program.