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Division of Safety & Hygiene Training Center eligibility and cancellation

Eligibility for enrollment
To be eligible for tuition-free enrollment in training center classes, you must provide an active Ohio workers' compensation policy number for your employing company at the time of registration. Usually, you can obtain this identification number from your personnel manager or payroll department.

If you cannot provide proof of eligibility, you may still register for classes by paying tuition. You may pay tuition by MasterCard®, VISA®, or American Express®, or by using a check or money order made payable to BWC's DSH training center. If you enroll by phone, let the contact center know that you don't have an active policy number, and a representative will enroll you in the class and note that payment needs to be collected upon completion of the class.

If you pay by MasterCard®, VISA®, or American Express®, a contact center representative will help you complete a registration form for each class, and fax the form to you for your signature. BWC will not send the bill to your credit card company until you complete the class. Payment by check will be prompted by an invoice upon completion of the class. The invoice will indicate where to send the check. Please write the course title on your check.

Cancellation policy
The training center reserves the right to cancel any training class prior to the scheduled date due to low enrollment or any other unforeseen circumstance. We will notify all enrolled students.

In the event a Level 2 or Level 3 weather emergency is declared in the county where a class is being held, we will reschedule the class. We will notify all enrolled students if a class has been rescheduled.

Advance notice of cancellation
DSH incurs a cost for each expected student whether or not that student shows up for the class. If you cannot attend a class, please cancel your enrollment as soon as possible. Your cancellation often allows others on a wait list to attend a class.

Training information