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For more information, and the dates and locations available, visit the BWC Learning Center

General information
The DSH training center offers a variety of courses addressing:

Industrial safety Construction safety
Industrial hygiene Ergonomics
Safety management Risk management

All courses are offered on an open-enrollment basis to eligible Ohio businesses. Courses are designed to emphasize practical application of safety principles, development of a safety culture, current and proposed standards for regulatory compliance, risk and BWC programs.

BWC Learning Center
Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the BWC Learning Center is the way to register for a course, access transcripts of training history, confirm or cancel enrollment or search for the course needed. To set up your profile today, visit BWC Learning Center

Upon enrollment, students with Microsoft Outlook receive immediate confirmation and the options to schedule in their Outlook calendars. Upon completion of training, the BWC Learning Center is also where students go to print their certificates.