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Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordkeeping
OSHA provides many avenues for understanding and interpreting whether or not a workplace injury or illness is considered a recordable injury/illness. The OSHA recordkeeping handbook is a great resource and a place to start. In fact you may to bookmark it for your use each time you're recording an injury or illness on your log.

Also, be sure to familarize yourself with section 1904.7 general recording criteria. This will help you determine if the injury or illness meets the criteria for being a work-related recordable. An injury or illness must be considered greater than first-aid to meet the criteria for being a recordable injury or illness. Section 1904.7 includes a definition of first-aid. So if your injury is listed there, unless there are other unusual circumstances, it is not a recordable injury on your recordkeeping log.

No, this is not a complete list of all treatments considered first aid for Part 1904 purposes. This list is made available to you from the OSHA recordkeeping handbook and is also available in the recordkeeping section of OSHA's website.

What if we are exempted from OSHA recordkeeping?
If you were selected to complete the survey, you also were notified that you must keep records during that survey calendar year for reporting. You would have received that notification in December of the year prior to the survey year.

Where can I get a copy of the OSHA log (300/300A)?
Download OSHA 300 logs and 300As here.

Whom do I call if I have questions about OSHA recordkeeping?
Your BLS researcher can assist you in completing your survey and with searching and understanding the published data and tables. The Division of Safety & Hygiene training center offers OSHA recordkeeping classes at various times and locations throughout the year. If you need immediate assistance with your OSHA recordkeeping logs, in understanding what is recordable and what is not recordable, the local area OSHA offices as listed below are your experts.

Cincinnati Area OSHA Office 36 Triangle Park Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Phone: 513-841-4132 Fax: 513-841-4114
Cleveland Area OSHA Office 1240 E. Ninth St., Room 899 Cleveland, Ohio 44199
Phone: 216-615-4266 Fax: 216-615-4234
Columbus Area OSHA Office 200 N. High St., Room 620 Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: 614-469-5582 Fax: 614-469-6791
Toledo Area OSHA Office 420 Madison Ave., Suite 600 Toledo, Ohio 43604
Phone: 419-259-7542 Fax: 419-259-6355 fax