OhioBWC - Employer:  (SOII) - Completing your survey

Complete your survey

Documents and information you need to complete survey

  • Your survey notification
    Important: It is imperative to understand the location within your organization for the requested survey as listed on the survey notification. It may not be inclusive of your entire organization. Call 1-866-569-7806 if you have questions
  • The average annual number of employees for the calendar year of the survey
  • The total number of hours worked by all employees
  • Your OSHA 300 logs used for recording your workplace injuries and illnesses for the calendar year of the survey
  • Details on any injury or illness cases which involved days away from work. (For some industries, details are also required on cases with job transfer or restriction.) You will not be required to enter more than 15 total cases.
Next, determine your desired method for completion of the survey, online, a fillable pdf, fax, phone or mail. Whatever method you choose, you will be guided through the process with detailed instructions.

If you're selected for the survey and the status of your business has changed, indicate the current status on the top of the survey form e.g., sold, out of business, closed, along with the date, your name, title and contact information, and fax the form to our office at 614-728-6460. If your company has not had employees during the entire survey year, indicate zero employees along with your name, title and contact information on the form and fax to our office at 614-728-6460.

Should you be selected to participate in this annual survey process and you have questions, you can contact our team or visit our resource page.

Survey deadline
The deadline is 30 days after date of receipt unless you're replying to a second or third request. Then the survey is due as quickly as possible.
Public employer notice: States, counties, local governments, schools, universities, etc. should partner with us to ensure they report for the correct location. The reporting location most times will be different than what you report on your 300AP Summary to the Public Employment Risk Reduction Program.

Additional resources for survey respondents

Download required forms

Instructions for completing the form

Internet Data Collection Facility (IDCF)
Note: Need user ID and password found on survey notification

OSHA recordkeeping handbook