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Safety Grants - Evaluating application

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Once BWC receives the following items, the application packet will be considered complete and ready for evaluation by the Review Committee.

  • The completed online grant application
  • The Statement of Agreement with original signatures
  • The Budget page with original signatures and corresponding vendor quotes
  • The Pre-report and Pre-assessment(s) from the BWC consultant
  • The Comprehensive Safety Report from the BWC consultant
  • Additional information provided by the employer including pictures, videos, and equipment brochures

  1. The online application must be completed and submitted through the web page to be considered for review.
  2. BWC must receive the Statement of Agreement with original signatures prior to scheduling the application review by the Review Committee.
  3. BWC must receive the Budget page with original signatures and corresponding vendor quote(s) prior to scheduling the application review by the Review Committee.
  4. BWC consultants will also complete a pre-report and pre-assessment(s). The pre-report and pre-assessment(s) are part of the application packet which the Review Committee will evaluate. Consultants use the pre-report as an application checklist and documents their evaluation/observations of the area/task where the intervention will be used. The pre-assessment(s) is an evaluation of risk hazards associated with the task to be addressed by the equipment intervention. The pre-assessment(s) may include a safety, ergonomic and/or industrial hygiene evaluations. The assessment type used is based on the risk addressed by the grant application. The pre-assessment(s) is part of the application packet reviewed by the Review Committee as described in item 1 above.
  5. If any of the aforementioned items is missing, incomplete and/or incorrect, the review of the application will be delayed.
  6. The BWC consultant completes the Comprehensive Safety Report that provides BWC with a comprehensive look at the applicant's overall safety practices. This may help assess the effectiveness of providing a safety grant. The BWC consultant will meet with the employer to complete the report. Items collected by the employer before applying (Step 3), will assist with the completion of this report. The consultant submits this report as part of the application packet, which must be received prior to the evaluation by the Review Committee.
  7. The safety grant application packet listed above will be prepared and scheduled for the Review Committee's formal evaluation and scoring. A BWC grant coordinator handles the preparation process including review of the BWC policy and employer information to identify the following:
    • Meet all eligibility requirements;
    • Identify State Vendor ID number assigned by Ohio Shared Services Step 6;
    • Review last full year for which payroll information is available to determine the employer's eligibility cycle;
    • Review of claims and claims costs for the last five years;
    • Review of employer's Payroll History Report for the last three years.
  8. The BWC grant coordinator assigned to your application will contact you directly throughout the review process to gather missing documents, seek clarification and notify you of the status of your application.
  9. The Review Committee schedules weekly reviews of grant applications. The committee consists of four technical advisors representing each of the following disciplines: safety, ergonomics and industrial hygiene.
    • Each member of the Review Committee will evaluate and score the application independently. The Review Committee members meet regularly and discuss each grant application and finalize their scores. The individual scores are averaged to determine the final score. Using a 100 point scale, all approved grants must receive an average score of 75. Most applications typically score between 70 and 80 points.

Application considerations
Incomplete applications - Applications received without submission of the budget page, price quote(s) and employer agreement will be returned to the employer 45 days after receipt of the online application. We'll remove the online application from our system and the employer must resubmit the online application for reconsideration.

Testing equipment - Employers may test equipment before applying for a safety intervention grant. BWC grant funds will not be used to cover the cost of testing. Therefore, the agreement for the testing period is between the employer and the vendor. If the employer decides to test equipment and applies for grant funds to purchase the equipment, the baseline data must be the two-year period prior to the test period.

External consultants - You may not use the grant money for external consultant fees.

Employees affected by the intervention - During participation in the Safety Intervention Grant Program, the employees affected by the intervention covered through the employer's policy within the state fund must remain under the policy.

Affected employees and payroll - The grant application evaluation process includes a review of reported payroll data. A portion of this evaluation involves comparing the number of affected employees with the reported payroll data. Employers should not apply for interventions for tasks that don't fall under the manual classifications for which payroll is reported. If the reported number of employees and payroll data do not support a practical hourly wage, the application will not be approved.

Equipment life expectancy - The intervention should have a life expectancy of at least five years. The employer must demonstrate this in their application.

Items frequently replaced - The grant will not fund intervention or intervention accessories` that will need to be frequently replaced.

Item limitations - Employers may not apply for more than five of any item with a cost less than $5,000. Exceptions may be considered if the employer provides thorough justification for the number of items needed. Employers are encouraged to discuss the number of items needed with their BWC consultant prior to submitting their grant application. Employers may not apply for more than two of any item with a cost greater than $5,000 for each item. Exceptions may be considered if the employer provides thorough justification for the number of items needed. Employers are encouraged to discuss the number of items needed with their BWC consultant prior to submitting their grant application.

Conditional approval - We may grant employers a conditional approval, which means the employer meet or agree to the conditions we set. If the employer fails to perform and report progress for any of these conditions, we will revoke the approval. And if the employer has received the grant funds, the company must return them. The conditions are specific to an individual employer's application and must be completed by the specified date. Multiple conditions may have different completion dates. Completion dates may be determined upon review of the application or by the BWC field consultant with input from the employer.

Fast track grants - BWC has identified specific equipment items which are reviewed through a "fast track" process. Fast track applications are reviewed by one Review Committee member and the Superintendent of the Division of Safety & Hygiene. Evaluation of applications through this process applies only to those involving equipment that were approved for a large number of applications in the past. These fast track items are those in which the task(s) are high risk and it is highly likely the intervention will have a significant impact on eliminating injuries in the future. Examples of fast track items include cot loading systems and patient lifting devices.

No job elimination - You must agree not to eliminate jobs due to the proposed intervention. You should further consider that we'll require you to reimburse us up to the full amount of the grant, should you fail to adhere to the contractual terms and conditions of the award.