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OhioBWC - Employer:  (Safety Services) - Ergonomics

Safety services - Ergonomics

Ergonomists analyze the physical relationship between the worker and the work environment. Based on this analysis, they formulate solutions for problems involving manual material handling, cumulative trauma disorders, video display terminals, workplace and workspace design, adverse environmental conditions, shift work and occupational stress.

To find out how this service can benefit you, contact the service office for your area.

Request consulting services online

Now you can request consulting services here. Your request will be sent directly to the local customer service office. To make a request online, you must be an Ohio employer with active coverage. The only information we require is your name, BWC policy number, business telephone number and the ZIP code of the location where you need the consulting services. After you’ve submitted your request, an employer management services representative will call you within two business days.

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