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Construction Safety Consulting Services

BWC's construction safety consulting services focus on reducing injuries and illnesses that can occur during demolition, excavation, installation, building and remodeling projects.
Following is a list of some of the safety consulting services that we typically provide.

Jobsite assessments - Assessments of jobsites or specific operations can be provided to assist in the identification of hazards and development of hazard control/prevention strategies.

Safety management assessment - A review of safety management documentation and practices allows our consultants to provide tools, resources and advice on how to develop or enhance your systems and strategies for managing safety.

Project facilitation - Our consultants can facilitate team meetings to help with the implementation of safety and health improvement projects.

On-site training - After performing an assessment at your jobsite, we can assist in the development of training and awareness programs that are tailored to your specific operations and needs.

Safety team development/enhancement - Our consultants can assist with the formation and organization of safety teams and provide suggestions to enhance effectiveness.

Program/process development - We can help to facilitate meetings or simply consult with you in the development of written programs and processes.

To find out more about how these services can benefit you, contact the service office in your area or simply Request consulting services online.

To make a request online, you must be an Ohio employer with active coverage. The only information we require is your name, BWC policy number, business telephone number and the ZIP code of the location where you need the consulting services. After you've submitted your request, a safety consultant will contact you within two business days.

If you are a small, high-hazard employer, consultants from the OSHA On-Site Consultation Program may be best-equipped to assist you.

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