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Safety Grants - Awarding grant funds

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The grant applicant will receive a letter from BWC explaining the outcome of their application request within one week of the application evaluation by the Review Committee. The grant application review status may be denied, pended, approved or conditionally approved. BWC will send a letter to the employer with the grant status and copy the BWC consultant listed on the Pre-Report.

  • A denied application letter will explain why the application was denied and if the employer may apply once again.
  • A pended application letter will explain why the application was put on hold and what is needed from the employer to move forward for the final determination to be made.
  • An approved application letter will provide the amount awarded to the employer, their required matching amount and the equipment approved. A copy of the approved budget page will also be included.
  • A conditional approval letter will provide the amount awarded to the employer, their required matching amount, the equipment approved for purchase and safety-related action items. The employer must complete the conditions by the agreed upon time lines in order to keep the funds granted.
The grant coordinator will complete a requisition for grant payment through the Ohio Administrative Knowledge System (OAKS) upon emailing the approved or conditional approval letter.

The OAKS system requires each grant recipient obtain a Supplier ID to receive funds from the State of Ohio. Step 7 of application process provides links to the forms required by Ohio Shared Services (OSS). OSS is the state agency responsible for making payment to Ohio suppliers. As a grant recipient, you're considered a supplier. In addition to the OSS forms, the demographic information provided by employers in their grant applications must match exactly with the demographic information in their BWC policies AND under their supplier IDs. To check your BWC policy demographic information, click here. To check your OSS supplier ID, email Ohio Shared Services or call 614-338-4781 or 1-877-OHIO-SS1 (877-644-6771).

Approved grant employers may receive the grant award anywhere from two to eight weeks after the requisition is generated.

Employers who wish to appeal a decision of the safety grant program may write a letter of appeal to the Superintendent of the Division of Safety & Hygiene within 30 days of receipt of their grant letter. The appeal should be sent to 13430 Yarmouth Drive, Pickerington, Ohio 43147. The following outlines the overall process.

  1. Superintendent Formal Appeal Request - The employer may send a letter of appeal to the superintendent for his consideration. The superintendent makes a decision based on review of the program rules and of the complete application packet. The employer receives notice of the superintendent's findings in writing.
  2. Adjudication - If the employer disagrees with the findings, the employer may submit a protest to the BWC adjudication unit. Upon receipt of the protest, unit staff will scan the protest and forward it to the safety grant program manager. The safety grant program manager will write a statement of facts and forward that to the adjudication unit. The unit will schedule a hearing if agreement is not reached during the process of reporting the statement of facts.

Funding considerations

  • Use of grant funds - BWC reserves the right to approve or deny any application based upon research needs, program needs and/or intervention effectiveness. The SIG Review Committee may deny grant applications for interventions for which BWC has already collected enough research information or for interventions that are outside the scope of the research program. See the moratorium list or call 1-800-644-6292.
  • Multiple grants - You may apply for grant money more than once, not to exceed the maximum total amount of $40,000 as allowed per employer eligibility cycle.
  • Approved purchases - You may only use the safety intervention grant to purchase ergonomic, safety and/or industrial hygiene equipment to substantially reduce or eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses as detailed in the approved grant budget. You may not use safety intervention grant funds for salaries, wages, labor and the cost of preparing the application. You must complete purchases within 90 days of receipt of grant award. BWC will hold a company responsible for using the grant in the intended manner. The company may face administrative, civil and/or criminal sanctions should it misappropriate funds.
  • Any changes to intervention must be approved - If the employer decides to make any changes to the intervention during the implementation, the changes must be approved prior to the implementation of such changes. You must submit requests for changes and/or modifications in writing as an addendum to your application, and provide BWC with an amended budget and itemized expense report. Send your requests for change to the program mailbox
  • .
  • Prior purchases - You may not use grant money for safety interventions you've already purchased. This includes any or all of the following:
    • Ordered equipment;
    • Received equipment;
    • Received paid equipment.
    If you make the purchase/payment prior to receipt of the grant check, BWC will consider the purchase retroactive and it will request return of the funds.
  • Return unused funds - You must reimburse BWC all funds you did not use from the Safety Intervention Grant Program. BWC will reconcile your grant application and budget table to the expenditure documentation you provide within the first 120 days after you receive your grant funds. Any unused portion of the grant funds will be billed to you from BWC and must be paid. Failure to repay BWC all unused portions of the grant may result in administrative, civil and/or criminal sanctions.
  • IRS 1099 requirement - All grant recipients will be issued a 1099 for their BWC paid grant funds. This does not preclude employers from providing BWC proof of spending verification for the use of the grant funds within 120 days after the date of the grant check. Verification includes the approved grant application budget page, itemized invoice(s) pertaining to all approved equipment purchased, proof of employer contribution and copies of all bank cleared checks (front and back). Note: The issuance of a 1099 does not preclude BWC from seeking administrative, civil and/or criminal sanctions if you do not reimburse the bureau all unused grant money and/or funds deemed misappropriated.
BWC reserves the right to recover grant monies from disqualified grant recipients by one or more of the following methods:
  • Billing the employer for the grant money received;
  • Forwarding to the Ohio Attorney General for collection, set off, recoupment or other legal remedy.