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One Claim Program

BWC's One Claim Program (OCP) is open to employers currently enrolled in a group-experience-rating program.

To participate in OCP, you must have a single significant claim entering your experience for the first time. A significant claim is one whose total cost exceeds the expected losses for an employer based on size and industry — also known as total limited losses (TLL) — calculated for that policy year. You may only designate one significant claim every four years.

In addition to the one significant claim, you may carry up to three medical-only claims in your experience. The sum total of these medical-only claims must not exceed your TLL. As the medical-only claims move out of your experience another may enter, so long as you never have more than four total claims in your experience.

Program benefits
If you qualify and participate in the program, you will receive the following discount off your base rate:

  • 20-percent: first year in the program;
  • 15-percent: second year;
  • 10-percent: third year;
  • 5-percent: fourth year;
  • 5-percent: fifth year.
The program also provides an opportunity for you to work closer with your managed care organization, third-party administrator and BWC representatives to better manage claims and work to prevent future claims. This can help you get back into a group-experience-rating program faster.

Participation requirements

In your first year of participation, you must attend one, half-day, industry-specific classroom style class through BWC's Division of Safety & Hygiene. You must submit an application each year. BWC will not automatically enroll you in the program.
Then during any remaining years of eligibility, you must complete three hours of online classes through BWC's Safety & Hygiene Training Center. Also, you may not have any outstanding balances, and you must be in compliance with BWC rules and law. Additional eligibility requirements may also apply.

The OCP is a voluntary program that an employer may participate in for the duration a significant claim remains in their experience. BWC will also re-evaluate the employer each year to determine eligibility. BWC has the final authority to approve an employer’s participation in the OCP.

Enrolling in the program
If you meet OCP's eligibility criteria, complete the online application between Dec. 1 and the last business day of January for private, state-fund employers; June 1 and the last business day of July for public employers.

For more information
Call or email the employer programs unit at 614-466-6773.

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