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BWC # Publication title Description View/ Print Order
FBFraud Brochure pdf Print 
CD-40Workers' Compensation Guide for Self-Insuring Employers and their EmployeesDescription pdf Print  
SVIUInvestigating Violations of Specific Safety RequirementsDescription pdf Print  
OMBUDSThe OMBUDS Office Can HelpDescription pdf Print 
Fact sheets   
FSARAlternative Rating Plans pdf Print  
Claim Reactivation pdf Print  
FSCHClaims Hearing Process pdf Print  
Common Questions About Self-Insurance pdf Print  
BWC's Coverage Exemption for Religious Sects pdf Print  
FSDWRFDisabled Workers' Relief Fund pdf Print  
FS15KBWC's $15,000 Medical-Only Program pdf Print  
Forms and Health Information Requested Under HIPAA pdf Print  
Guidelines for Group-Experience and Group-Retrospective Rating Two-Hour Safety Training pdf Print  
FSHRDisability Reimbursement pdf Print  
LSSSALump Sum Settlement Direct Reimbursement Payment and Rating Program pdf Print  
FSLSSLump Sum Settlements pdf Print  
FSMMMaximum Medical Improvement pdf Print  
BWC's New Method for Determining Successorship pdf Print  
Non-At-Fault Motor Vehicle Accident Claims - Surplus Fund Charge pdf Print  
BWC/OhioMeansJobs Program gets Ohio's injured workers back to work, back to life pdf Print  
FSOCPBWC's One Claim Program pdf Print  
IJOut-of-state employers pdf Print  
Percentage of Permanent Partial Disability pdf Print  
FSPAPremium Audits pdf Print  
Premium Rates pdf Print  
FSPPPublic Participation in BWC Rule Making pdf Print  
FSRAWRemain at Work pdf Print  
FSSHOverview of BWC's Occupational Safety and Health Services pdf Print  
FSSCSalary Continuation pdf Print  
FSSLScheduled Loss Compensation pdf Print  
Subrogation pdf Print  
FSTTTemporary Total Disability Compensation pdf Print  
Tips for Supervisors: Managing Your Employee's Health-Related Employment Disruption  pdf Print  
Transitional Work Grants Q & A pdf Print  
FSDBWhat Happens When an Injured Worker Receiving Comp Dies? pdf Print  
Workers' Comp Basics for Professional Employer Organizations pdf Print  
Workers' Compensation and HIPAA pdf Print  
FSWCAWorkers' Compensation Benefits pdf Print  
ARAnnual Report pdf Print  
BASICSBWC Basics for EmployersDescription pdf Print  
COMP2003Compensation Rates Nov. 3, 1989 to 2009 pdf Print  
Compensation Rates 2010 to 2024 pdf Print  
DFSPGuideDrug-Free Safety Program GuideDescription pdf Print  
DFSPWorkbookDrug-Free Safety Program Self-Implementation WorkbookDescription pdf Print  
FFPHFraud Flyer Pharmacy pdf Print 
FP01Fraud Poster pdf Print 
FS01Fraud Sticker  
MCORC3MCO Report Card pdf Print  
OS-24Publications List pdf Print 
SINOTICENotice to Employees (of self-insuring employers) pdf Print