OhioBWC - Employer - Form: (U-3) - Details

Reason for applying for coverage (choose one of the options below)

New/start-up business in Ohio
In Ohio, all employers with one or more employees must have workers' compensation coverage. It's the law. Coverage for Ohio employers and their employees (i.e., employees whose contract of hire was completed within the borders of Ohio and where the supervising office of the employer is located in Ohio) becomes effective when BWC receives a completed application and the $120 minimum, non-refundable application fee. Independent contractors and subcontractors also must obtain coverage for their employees. If you do not have an existing policy with BWC and you are a new employer starting a business, or if you have acquired all of an existing business and the new, click the link above.

BWC considers officers of a corporation to be employees for the purposes of workers' compensation coverage except for an individual incorporated as a corporation (to qualify, there must be a single/sole owner AND no employees).

However, if you are self-employed, a partner in a business, or an officer of a family farm corporation, you are not automatically covered. You may elect coverage for yourself by selecting yes in the elective coverage section.

Applies to full-time or part-time domestic workers employed inside or outside of your private residence, including private chauffeurs. Domestic household employers who pay workers $160 or more in a calendar quarter must have workers' compensation coverage. Normally these workers provide domestic services such as gardening, housekeeping, babysitting etc.

However, you should include workers you hire as employees to provide home improvement/construction activities to your residence if the worker does not have his or her own business or own workers' compensation insurance. If you are hiring a contractor to perform these services, you may want to verify he or she has active workers' compensation coverage.

Acquired/merged or purchased/sold an existing business
Click the link above to notify BWC if you currently have an existing policy with BWC and have acquired/merged or purchased/sold, in whole or in part, another in the operation of a business.

Update an existing BWC policy
Use this form to notify BWC of changes to the legal business name and/or federal employer identification number or Social Security number for an existing policy. This form should only be used when an employer is essentially the same employer (same or similar ownership group). Also, use this form if you are transferring the business from one immediate family member to another.

This form is not intended for situations where the employer succeeds in whole or in part another employer in the operation of a business.