OhioBWC - Employer - Form: (U-3) - Introduction

Application for Ohio Workers' Compensation Coverage (U-3)


Use the U-3 to establish workers' compensation coverage with the State of Ohio. Employers with one or more employees are required to carry workers' compensation coverage for their employees. Independent contractors and subcontractors also must obtain coverage for their employees. BWC considers officers of a corporation employees for workers' comp purposes, except for an individual incorporated as a corporation (to qualify must have a single/sole owner with no employees).

Additional information
Adding elective coverage
Note: If you have individuals that qualify, you may elect coverage for those individuals when applying for coverage. If you decide not to take out elective coverage at this time, you may do so later.

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Manual classifications
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Required information
  • Legal business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Federal employer identification number or Social Security number
  • Date employees first earned wages in Ohio
  • Are there any other Ohio workers' compensation policies associated with this operation
  • Type of business
  • If your legal entity type is Limited liability company acting as a corporation, Corporation, Individual incorporated as a corporation or Family farm corporation, an incorporation date and charter number
  • Type of business operations
  • Elective coverage
  • Did you purchase this business
  • Description of primary services or products including methods of operations
  • 12-month payroll estimate
  • Owners and officers names, Social Security numbers and addresses
Additional required information if business was acquired/purchased
  • Date business was acquired/purchased
  • Legal business name of former employer
  • Legal business name of new employer
  • From whom did you purchase the business?
  • Is there a purchase/sale agreement?
  • Did you acquire all or part of an existing business?
  • Number of employees retained from former employer
  • Did you acquire former employer's contracts or customers?
  • Is the business operating at the same location as the former employer?
  • Will you conduct business in the same/similar manner as the former employer?
  • Did you acquire/purchase any machinery or equipment from the former employer?
  • Minimum application fee of $120

If you have all the required information on hand, simply click the start button to begin.

Note: If you find yourself in a position where you cannot complete and submit the application online, download and print it. Then, mail the completed application with the $120 non-refundable application fee to:
Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
P.O. Box 15698
Columbus, OH 43215-0698
Please make check or money order payable to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.