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Prospective Billing Information and Resources

Payroll true-up for public employers
At the end of each policy year, employers must report their actual payroll for the prior policy year and reconcile any differences in premium paid. The payroll true-up allows us to calculate your premium accurately. Even if your payroll for the year matches the estimate we provided, or you had zero payroll, you must complete a true-up report.

The quickest and easiest way to true-up is online with a BWC e-account. If you do not have a BWC e-account, you can create one here. Online true-up and payment will also save you money. Eligible employers will qualify for a 1-percent premium rebate, up to a $2,000 maximum rebate. While you can complete the true-up through the BWC call center, wait times may be extremely high. Therefore, we suggest you file your payroll true-up report online.

If you have additional questions, please send an email to our prospective billing mailbox.

Public employer resources

Letter to public employers with deferred payment info sheet - September 2016 (PDF)

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Private employer resources

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Payroll true-up instructions (PDF)

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