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Prospective Billing Information and Resources

IMPORTANT UPDATE! The deadline for private employer payroll true-up reports was Aug. 15. However, because this is a new process, we have extended a grace period until Sept. 29 to ensure all employers are able to complete this requirement.

With the transition to prospective billing, we now require employers to reconcile their actual payroll for the prior policy year and reconcile any differences in premium paid. The payroll true-up allows us to calculate your premium accurately. Even if your payroll for the year matches the estimate, we provided, or you had zero payroll, you must complete a true-up report.

The quickest and easiest way to true-up is online with a BWC e-account. If you do not have a BWC e-account, you can create one here. Online true-up and payment will also save you money. Eligible employers will qualify for a 1-percent premium rebate, up to a $2,000 maximum rebate. While you can complete the true-up through the BWC call center, wait times may be extremely high. Therefore, we suggest you file your payroll true-up report online.

Information for public employers
Public employer taxing districts will receive their 2015 policy period payroll report as normal in December 2015; they will receive their 2016 invoice for the prospective policy period premium in March 2016. A minimum 50-percent payment is due May 16, 2016, for both policy periods. The remainder of the premium is due Sept. 1, 2016. We will credit each of these by 50 percent. This will result in public employer taxing districts paying roughly the same amount during 2016 that would have been due without the transition to prospective billing.

Transition credit eligibility
To receive the transition credit, public employer taxing districts must be in an active or reinstated status as of Jan., 1, 2016.

Notice of Estimated Annual Premium
Under the new prospective billing system, we will mail a Notice of Estimated Annual Premium to public employer taxing districts in December 2015. In subsequent years, we will send the Notice of Estimated Annual Premium in November. The notice is not a bill, but it's an estimate to aid you in budgeting for your workers' compensation premiums.

Video: Overview of the Notice of Estimated Premium - Public Employers

Can BWC adjust the estimated premium if it is not accurate?
Yes. We base an employer's estimated annual premium on payroll amounts the employer previously provided to us. Employers should notify us at 1-800-644-6292 if they believe their payroll amount is incorrect, or if they anticipate a change in operations that will affect their payroll for the policy period beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

What is the minimum premium adjustment?
The minimum premium adjustment is an adjustment made to bring an employer's calculated premium up to the minimum premium of $120 plus assessments (BWC and Industrial Commission of Ohio administrative costs as well as the charges for the Disabled Workers' Relief Fund).

If you have additional questions, please send an email to our prospective billing mailbox.

Public employer resources

Letter to public employers with deferred payment info sheet - September 2016 (PDF)

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Private employer resources

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Payroll true-up instructions (PDF)

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PEO resources

Online monthly reporting for PEOs - step-by-step guide (PDF)

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