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OhioBWC - Common - Service:  (Exam information) - Details

Examination information

Injured workers, employers, providers, surviving spouses, dependents, MCOs and their designees can view examination information online. The information listed here mirrors what exists in our claims processing system. This information includes:
  • Type of examination;
  • Date and time of examination;
  • Examination provider.
The following types of examinations can be viewed:
  • 90-day statutory exam;
  • Percentage of permanent partial disability (C-92);
  • Extent of disability – physical;
  • Extent of disability – psychological;
  • Additional allowance – physical;
  • Additional allowance – psychological;
  • Claim compensability;
  • Independent medical examination (IME);
  • Loss of hearing;
  • Loss of use;
  • Loss of vision;
  • Rehab MDE (multi disciplinary exam);
  • Rehab PCE (physical capacities exam);
  • Rehab PMR (physical medical rehab);
  • Rehab psychological;
  • Rehab vocational;
  • Statutory OD (occupational disease).