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Examination information

Injured workers, employers, providers, surviving spouses, dependents, MCOs and their designees can view examination information online. The information listed here mirrors what exists in our claims processing system. This information includes:
  • Type of examination.
  • Date and time of examination.
  • Examination provider.
The following types of examinations can be viewed:
  • 90-day statutory exam - Required by statute and conducted when an injured worker has received 90 consecutive days of temporary total disability compensation. This exam addresses a number of issues, including continuing compensation, return-to-work barriers and potential solutions, the need for further medical treatment or supportive care and the potential for rehabilitation.
  • Percentage of permanent partial disability (C-92) - Provides an unbiased, objective estimate of the whole person percent impairment for a given allowance referred to as percentage of permanent partial, %PP, %PPD, or, most frequently, C-92 awards. This must be based on the most current edition of the American Medical Association's Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, using the available medical documentation, history, and physical examination.
  • Extent of disability - physical.
  • Extent of disability - psychological.
  • Additional allowance - physical.
  • Additional allowance - psychological.
  • Claim compensability.
  • Independent medical examination (IME) - An objective medical evaluation conducted by an independent, qualified medical specialist at BWC's request for the purpose of clarifying an injured worker's medical and disability status.
  • Loss of hearing.
  • Loss of use.
  • Loss of vision.
  • Rehab MDE (multi disciplinary exam).
  • Rehab PCE (physical capacities exam).
  • Rehab PMR (physical medical rehab).
  • Rehab psychological.
  • Rehab vocational.
  • Statutory OD (occupational disease).