OhioBWC - Common - Form:  (Reporting fraud) - Introduction

Reporting fraud

Anyone who suspects workers' comp fraud, can submit an allegation with this form. Special agents from BWC's special investigations department will carefully collect and analyze the facts in order to determine whether or not fraud was committed.
Important: To report fraud, you need only to suspect that fraud may have been committed.
Click here to learn how to identify fraud red flags.

What information to provide

Try and provide as much information as you can, including:

  • Name and address of person you are reporting;
  • Details about the improper or fraudulent activity you suspect;
  • Other general information pertaining to the suspected fraudulent activity.

All those specifics allow us to efficiently conduct a thorough, fair and objective investigation of the fraud subject. While we realize you will probably not have all the data requested, we again ask you to provide as much as possible.

Complete the form

If you have all the required information on hand, simply click the start button to begin.