OhioBWC - Basics:  Incentive Contract

Incentive Contract

An employer who agrees to allow an injured worker to return to work knowing that the injured worker will be less than 100 percent productive, may be eligible for a reimbursement (not to exceed 50 percent) of the injured worker's wages for a period not to exceed 13 weeks. As the worker's productivity increases the percentage of the wages reimbursed decreases.

On the Job Training
If an injured worker needs to obtain or upgrade vocational skills through actual work experience to facilitate a return to work, the cost of the training could be included in a vocational rehabilitation plan.

Tools and Equipment
If specific tools or equipment are needed to facilitate an injured worker’s return to work, this cost could be included in a vocational rehabilitation plan. If the efforts for rehabilitation are not successful, the tools and equipment are the property of BWC and may be reclaimed.

Work Trial
A work trial program allows an injured worker to attempt a return to work at the original job or at a new job. This plan allows the employer to test, evaluate and observe the worker for up to four weeks prior to hiring. The injured worker is paid living maintenance during this trial period.