OhioBWC - Basics:  Coverage for Public Employers

Coverage for public employers

Public employers are unique in how they file for workers’ compensation coverage. All public employers applying for coverage must complete the Application for Ohio Workers’ Compensation Coverage (U-3) and attach a copy of the official resolution or meeting minutes, and/or the court order creating the entity. Public employers should mail completed applications and additional documents to the address below.

Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Attn: Policy Processing Department
30 W. Spring St.
22nd floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Public employers pay workers compensation premiums annually. The payroll report and 45 percent of the premium is due by May 15 with the balance due by Sept. 1. Public employers can pay the entire amount in May and receive a discount. If you do not submit your payroll report and premium payments timely, your coverage will lapse, and you will be responsible for the cost of any claims that occur during the period of lapsed coverage.