Interested in internships at BWC?

Learn new job skills and serve the public!

Our mission is to protect Ohio's workers and employers through the prevention, care and management of workplace injuries and illnesses at fair rates by helping grow jobs and bolster Ohio's economic development. In addition to our headquarters located in downtown Columbus, we have 13 offices statewide, offering a variety of internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Internships focus on enhancing student knowledge and experience by providing opportunities for the student to partake in agency projects, organizational needs and specific work assignments that relate to the student's field of study

  • We pay interns an hourly rate based on academic year and experience.
We provide:
  • Flexible days, hours and internship duration to meet agency expectations and the student's schedule;
  • Professional development and experience;
  • Career orientations that give students the opportunity to experience multiple career paths under one division/department (e.g. BWC's Information Technology Division encompasses networking, computer security, project management, application development, etc);
  • Internship guidance on skill sets that may be a better fit for a different department or division;
  • Open door policy to allow students and managers to share ideas, knowledge, fresh perspectives, new computer skills, etc.;
  • Feedback on assigned work tasks.
Other benefits
  • Secure professional references for future job searches
  • Special consideration given to interns during screening when the relevant duties match the description of the job applied for (when bargaining union rights do not come into play)
  • Opportunity to network with our highly skilled workforce and establish working relationships with coworkers and other interns
  • Reap the rewards of doing work that makes an impact and helps Ohioans

*We partner with the Ohio State University to offer work study programs.

Intern testimonials

"My supervisor always took the time to meet with me when needed. My time as an intern at the BWC was a very positive experience."
- Safety & Hygiene/Technical Advisor Intern (November 2014)
"I enjoyed working hands on with the M & C department here at the Division of Safety & Hygiene. I could see the work that I was doing behind the scenes and the pay off at the Safety Congress. That was a great feeling."
- Safety & Hygiene/Meetings & Conventions Intern (November 2014)
"I am a mid-life career changer. This internship was a great learning experience - the people I worked with in the Legal Division were wonderful. They were supportive, taught me a great amount, and allowed me to work on a variety of projects. The internship was a great complement to my classroom studies. Also, as a single parent, the fact that the internship was paid was critical to my being able to participate."
- Legal Intern (December 2014)
"I really liked being exposed to and querying from a data warehouse, learning new ways to utilize Microsoft Excel and the people I worked with have been great."
- Legal/Special Investigations Intern (March 2015)
"When I first came to BWC for my internship I did not know which direction I wanted to take within IT as I am ann MIS major. Coming here I was able to go in many different departments which I have not been able to do in the past. I was able to learn that my focus is network management. This was SUCH a great opportunity, and I learned a great deal of information to carry me into my career path and goals."
- Information Technology/Communications Intern (March 2015)
"I liked the opportunities to be involved in meetings with the entire legal division but also smaller meetings with just my supervisors or attorneys to discuss different projects and assignments. I also liked knowing that what I was doing would be seen directly by the requestors and so I made sure my work was the best it could be."
- Legal Intern (August 2015)
"I enjoyed the flexibility and opportunities to work on my own and figure out my projects."
- Medical Officer/Pharmacy Intern (April 2015)